BT: Airsys cooling contract



M.J. Quinn have now started the contract installations with Airsys on the BT exchange cooling. We were invited to deliver a cooling solution for the MSAN area on the ground floor at BT Lesmahagow. We designed an energy and cost efficient solution by using forced fresh air delivered at 1.3 cubic meters per second and the BT equipment heat load dictated that two 1.3 fresh air units were required. Our design was based around using Airsys high efficiency fresh air units who M.J. Quinn partner as an approved supplier for the BT contract.
Due to space restrictions at this site we designed a bespoke rear inlet plenum which enabled us to utilise one window aperture where we installed a weatherproof inlet louvre to which our rear plenum connected. Again taking into consideration the site space restrictions, to deliver the fresh air into the correct areas of the room, we designed and manufactured free blow supply plenums with double deflection supply grilles enabling the air to be directed into the suite lines.
To ensure the room pressure and the correct amount of air changes were achieved, a second louvre with pressure relief dampers was installed at the opposite elevation to the fresh air units. Remote room temperature sensors were positioned close to the PRV and fault alarms were terminated to the monitoring station. Electrical power supplies and an aspirating fire detection system were also designed and installed as part of our contract.
After commissioning the Airsys units controlled the room temperature to their set point and another successful project was signed off by the client.